Monday, April 26, 2010

Saturday night!

Pictures first!! The lowdown on backstage and the aftermath will come later today.

But quickly...

Congratulations to Anastasia! But also, congratulations to all the designers. This was a long, intense haul. Seeing the collections come together was so amazing. This is a talented group of women who took a leap.

To my dynamic duo - the stylists - Dwayne and his amazing partner and boyfriend Brian, thank you for your hard work and support. Love you guys.

To Julie and Jeffrey from theideashop - you are lovely and amazing and I can't thank you enough for your help and kind words.

To the judges, Jason Morikawa, Derek Chetty, Noreen Flanagan, Rita Silvan, David Dixon, Adriana Gut and Peter Papapetrou - thank you for your generous feedback and time.

To TFI, Susan Langdon, Nina and Kathleen - thank you for your support!

And of course, to my family and friends who came out to support me. It means so, so much. The pictures are courtesy of my talented husband, Chris Snyder, who put up with multiple outbursts and ran multiple errands!

House of Groves - The Collection

Ruffle dress in leather
Worn by Ishie

As we were waiting backstage, Daniel Fiorio asked if he could buy a few of the dresses post show (including this one). It made my night. He is the SWEETEST man and a total perfectionist. Even with the all the madness of rotating models between shows, he still insisted on being true to our looks. The hair was exactly what we had discussed at the consultation. Thank you, Daniel!

Leather bodice flared dress
Worn by Kamila

Wool circle jacket, Vinyl pants

Worn by Daisy
She stopped by for a fitting before the show and came with her two children (!!) - who are gorgeous, of course.

Guipere lace ruffle blouse, Peg skirt with ruffle
Worn by Sofia

Wool and vinyl bolero, Vinyl flared skirt
Worn by Jaz

Jaz has a HUGE personality. She walked to the centre of steps with the whip by her side, then flicked it up with such command. We all squealed back stage! It was a thing of beauty.

Leather cropped jacket, Bamboo pleated blouse, Wool pipe pant
Worn by Victoria

Victoria OWNED that hat.

Leather and vinyl tail coat, Bamboo bow blouse, Wool tail skirt
Worn by Shelby

The crowd loved this. I could hear the applause and cheers back stage. So much fun!! When Shelby came to the fitting, I knew this look was for her - look at that hair!

Wool twill ruffle catsuit
Worn by Katrina

This is one of my favourite pieces and like Shelby, it was an instant fit for Katrina. Saw Anita Clarke from later that night at Charlie's Gallery she likes it, too!

Wool tail coat with leather
Worn by Josefine

This coat was a favourite with everyone! So exciting. The dressers were passing it around back stage and I could hear the audience applause.
So glad I put it last for the core collection!!

Barbie dresses

Wool and leather sheath dress
Worn by Ishie

Ishie has the face of a doll. Gorgeous.

Guipere lace and leather dress
Worn by Gabrielle

Can you believe this was Gabrielle's first time on the runway!
Multiple inquiries about this dress - it was a crowd pleaser!

Criss-cross wool and silk dress
Worn by Juliet

So elegant - Juliet rocked it

Me!! Ridiculously nervous! How do they do it?


renee said...

That is so awesome Jennifer!!! You look amazing too!

Marlene said...

You must be so proud! The clothing is spectacular.

Jennifer F.M. Waters said...

Thanks Renee and Marlene!