Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Press!

Links and quotes from the Press!

From Briony at blogto

“…another winner was present in the form of House of Groves, which was, I think, actually the superior collection. Jennifer Waters' collection was definitely a crowd favourite, and also showed an eye for timeless cuts, excellent fit, and classy carnality that was pretty impressive. She could've just as easily won.

Damn, House of Groves--you should have won after all. I think I love you.”

Briony - I think I love you!

From realstylenetwork

"I loved Jennifer Waters’ House Of Groves fashion collection. ...The “lady of the manor” feel to those pieces was further accentuated by top hats as accessories and riding crops."

From Backseat Stylers

"House of Groves designer Jennifer Waters had the biggest crowd-pleasers of the night, eliciting spontaneous applause with several of the looks from her collection. The styling was impeccable. This collection felt most relevant to the personal styles of J and myself than any other that night."

From Final Fashion

"House of Groves was leather, studs and riding crops...the crowd really applauded when the full-skirted silhouette came out.... just feels like a breath of fresh air"

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