Friday, September 24, 2010

Montreal Fashion Week! Countdown...

Montreal Fashion Week - Le Showroom

Last minute prep for Montreal Fashion Week!
Clothes look gorgeous!  Will post more pictures soon but here is a peak of what's to come.

Now I just need to book that hotel room....

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Eight and a


When I was growing up I watched alot of black and white films.   Some of my favourites were The Pride of Miss Jean Brodie and the original Great Expectations. They were either introduced to me by my parents or stumbled upon.

I just discovered Tilda Swinton's organization that provides world cinema access to children aged 8 and a half. "Its aim is to create a new birthday: a film birthday, at the age of 8½, that celebrates the power of cinema to expand children’s horizons and welcomes children into the wider world of movies, beyond what is normally available to them at the multiplex or on their TV screens."

Of course I am a fan of Tilda Swinton.  How can you not?  And, after going through this site I am really excited to see a great list of films, many of which I didn't know of. 

Three cheers for Tilda Swinton and Eight and a Half.