Thursday, June 10, 2010

True Blood Premiere

True Blood season premiere tonight at Astral Media/HBO. Sooooooo excited!!! I love True Blood, despite the fact that I hate watching violence. For True Blood though, I endure it and just turn my head away. It generally means that I miss quite a bit of the show and Chris has to provide play by play's.

At the Mad Men premiere, Christina Hendricks came (something Chris will never get over as he had to miss it). Wonder who it will be tonight? I am hoping for the Scandinavian fellow. If you don't know, he is front and centre in the pic above.

On another, unrelated note, a friend sent me a link to this site. Brilliant!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lost Footage

Not really.....Not lost, just not posted previously.
Did I ever mention that I am a veteran insomniac? There is not a time in my life that I did sleep well, even when very young. I remember good sleeps like people remember good meals. Anyway, couldn't sleep last night and didn't feel like working so I watched the September Issue. (I know! What took me so long!)

Loved, loved, loved it. Then read a ton of reviews on it. And, I think people have it wrong. Yes, Grace Coddington is absolutely brilliant and talented and has immense personality. But, Anna Wintour is not who she is because she is not also brilliant and creative. She has vision, the ability to execute and to decide. It is a collaboration, not one winning over the other.
Grace Coddinton's story seems more steeped in sadness on the outside, but I would imagine that it is Anna Wintour who struggles with acceptance and insecurity when the flashbulbs aren't going off. Parents and family have a funny way of never letting up their stranglehold on you. Even when they have forgotten the tease, you retain the ghost of it forever.

The September Issue inspired me to post some pics from behind the scenes at the Fall/Winter 2010 photo shoot. Here I am, no makeup and sporting winter weight. I think part of why I love Lady Gaga so much is that I recognize and have great affection for her nose and the fact that she hasn't done anything to it.

Me - standing in for Rachel (hence the block) while Chris does the lighting.

Natalya Willy (fellow designer and friend) and I.

Ivy Lam, makeup artist extraordinaire.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Power Ball 12

So .... how was Power Ball 12? In a word, fun. People watching is elevated to a sport at the Power Ball with glittery people in abundance including the Greta Constantine duo (Steven Wong and Kurt Pickersgill), Tommy Ton and Evan Biddell in a kilt a la Alexander McQueen. The candy was great, the hors oeuvre's, not so much.

Like all events everywhere, the company you keep makes the event. Was with the ladies from Hello mag and a designer friend. Sadly, my phone (with pictures) seems to have died over the weekend. I've posted some pics courtesy of NOW magazine and Eye Weekly.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

What to wear?

Going to the Power Ball tonight. I'm wearing the shorter version of the House of Groves guipere lace dress with leather trim. Pairing with Chie Mihara Kohnan shoes and H&M earrings.

If you haven't checked out Chie Mihara shoes, you must. Well crafted, fantastic looking and comfortable (of all things!).