Friday, April 9, 2010

Model Casting

Katerina from Next. She walked in and we were all blown away. She is so new that she didn't have a comp card, yet.

Tuesday evening, Susan Langdon from TFI, myself and the other designers from the New Labels competition (Birds of North America, Diepo, Paris Li - Anastasia Lomonova couldn't make it) met Jann Coppen at her office for a marathon model casting. Jann and her company, theideashop, is producing the Elle/TFI runway show.

The process is a little dirty. Kind of like talking about someone you know you shouldn't be talking about. We were analyzing these girls for minutaie - the way their arms moved, the curve of their back, neck length etc. And, although not one of them was given feedback, positive or negative, during the casting, I can't imagine the self-analysis they must go through if they don't get cast. Some of these girls were as young as 14/15. I certainly wasn't sure enough of myself at that age to take it in stride.

Back to the actual casting. After we had seen all the models, we then had to go through our lists and choose. Some were obvious, rather like seeing someone born to act. They came in, they lit up, they walked with a certain something.
Other's were obvious in the no department, as well. One agency was clearly taking people's money and giving them promises. You know the kind. The girl pays hundreds of dollars for a photoshoot, makeup and runway lessons. They are pretty girls that unfortunately, don't conform to industry norms. The sad thing is, they know it, too. It is obvious in the casting room who comes from a reputable agency and who comes from a not so reputable one.

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