Sunday, August 22, 2010

I Hate Perfume

I went for a run the other day and did not have a very good one.  You know the days when not even "te-te-te-te-telephone" can get you moving and jogged into Ewanika ( on Bathurst for a retail energy boost.  I always run with my debit card tucked into a pocket.

There are some great new canvas-treated leather handbags but what really caught my eye was the range of perfume from Christopher Brosius of Brooklyn, NY entitled CB I Hate Perfume (  Here is the thing, I really do hate perfume.  I hate the falseness of it, the uniformity, the unnaturalness and the blanket coating of sameness that perfume lends, all in the pursuit of individuality.

When I smelled Christopher Brosius' water based scents I fell in love.  He makes scents such as In the Library, that bring back memories of wandering around the best vintage book store on a cold and windy day or Black March that captures that damp, earthy smell of anticipation in early spring.

I am going back to Ewanika tomorrow to break my perfume ban.   The next time I am in NYC I might just make an appointment with CB for a custom blend.

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