Sunday, October 17, 2010

Model Casting, The National Post and the Bell Celebrity Gala or Thursday

Chris and I on the carousel!

Thursday was a ridiculously busy day and a completely surreal one.

One of the those days when you are scheduled down to the minute and you can't afford for anything to go wrong.  Thanks to two helpful friends who came to my rescue I made it through the day!

Button run, blow out appointment, model casting with Melissa Leong from the National Post who met up with me for a piece that is coming out on show day, pick up passes from the FDCC, makeup done by Ivy Lam, pose for snaps for the Post story and then off to the Bell Celebrity Gala.  

In between, the usual things that you just have to accomplish during the day when you have a family. Anyway, madness could easily have ensued.  Thankfully, I was saved by my lovely friend Liz who gave up her appointment at Blo so that I could have clean and kempt hair and also to my other quick thinking friend Joy, who realized I had left my keys behind and tucked them into the flower pot (I guess that hiding spot is gone)

I felt a bit like I was watching the day from outside myself.  Especially as I sat in my dining room, with Ivy doing makeup, chatting with Melissa and watching Chris and the photographer setting up for the shoot, it was all very, very surreal. 

Anyway, model casting was successful, Melissa was so easy going (thank you!) and the Bell Gala in support of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health was great - there was even a carousel!  Had a brief conversation with Coco Rocha and tried to be cool with Jeanne Becker. (ha!)

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