Thursday, May 6, 2010

Re-use! Marble from First Canadian Place

First Canadian Place
The marble will be buffed and sanded before delivery.

The fireplace
Picture from the Morso website.

I'd like to think that if ever presented with the opportunity to buy a McMansion, I wouldn't. Our reno goal was primarily to provide me with a dedicated work space and to have a kitchen/eating space that the four of us could sit down in.
And, while I am excited for a beautiful finished product, the size and use of the space is modest. We will not have a media room or a toy room or a library (I would secretly love a library).

We try to live as responsibly as possible. Our legs are our transportation, we use the car about once a week (when I go into the office), buy organic, refill the liquid soap at the nearest GrassRoots store (feel free to roll your eyes), try to buy products with little packaging etc.

When we found out that we could buy slabs of the marble that formerly clad an office tower in downtown Toronto (First Canadian Place), we jumped at the chance. Talk about implementing one of those three R's. And it's a little piece of history. The marble will go behind our fireplace.

If you are interested, here is a link:

GrassRoots store:


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using the marble from the exterior of first canadian place in your home would be a really bad idea. those slabs are 35mm thick or less and not one of them are flat anymore also they endured years of chemical washes including acid washes . however if you can get your hands on the thousands of panels that were replaced over the years(a job i used to do) they would be suitable.